More about those audition photos.

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We have been getting many dancers confused asking what is a good audition photo or what is an industry photo. So we decided to create a better illustration for you ladies. In the above photos we have the (good examples) correct way and the (bad examples) incorrect way to do your audition photos.

Its simple! Less is better, but keep in mind that you are auditioning for a strip club so you do want to look your best for the club owners / managers that enter our website looking for talent.

We try to emphesize the importance of these images you ladies are uploading..

So if you Have Not been contacted this would be the first thing I would try to change. providing a new look, or maybe a new wig / hair color can some times do the trick.

SoFloClub wants to be able to help everyone who signs up but please help us help You get the JOB of a life time. Send GREAT / SUPER photos make sure you are outstanding in them make us proud of those pics..

Thank You


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