Our Platform has been revamped

Good day to all members

As many of you have noticed in your emails you have some credits displayed in your account, emails, newsletters. Well to explain what you can do with those credits.

Many have contact us about the said credits, We found that many dancers like to do there own planning & travel arrangements. Many dancers are 100% independent so we have been trying to find a way to let those do as they always have been but still being able to recruit.

Today we announce that our platform has been vamped up to create you credits for almost every action you do within the website.

Posting Content -- Visiting others content -- Log-in in to the site -- Referring others to join -- Emailing others web pages --

All users gain credits for Posting content into the website this mean every photo albums you create, all blog posts, any comments, or pages made through your account will be rewarded with 50 credits.

All users will get credits for all content that has been visited by any other user even those not registered to the site as long as you post your content will be rewarded with 10 credits.

All user will get credits for every time a they Log into her account, this is ONLY done on a daily basis & is set to reward you with 10 credits per day.

All users has the ability to refer others through the website, In all profile pages, emails, and newsletters you have your affiliate link share it and all those whom joins You will get 150 credits & they get 150 credits to.

All users will get credits for every email sent to nonusers, You gain 25 credits for every email sent out.

All users will noticed that when they sign-in the site you will see a complete your profiles message. If Your profile is not complete please do so thank you. Keep in mind that we are very active with our website.

SoFloClubs takes pride in our work & so should You. This is Our place online help us keep it this way thank You & hope to meet all of you some day soon.

Chelsea Dickerson

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