Winter is near..!

Getting colder outside... Sunny Florida is still above 80 degrees and sun is shining.

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Winter season is here, and this year is no exception from the rest. Many exotic dancers flock to our state not because of the drop of temperature but is search of more money. Cold weather brings many changes not just to the climate, strip club up north really go slow while strip clubs down south keep it going all year round.

This is why so many exotic dancers end up in south Florida trying to audition sometimes even relocating to a southern strip club in chase of the money. 

Strip clubs change, clientele changes, even the money changes so why don't you change with the hustle too, Flow with the flow!

Meaning, that You to can use a change in Strip club, dancers should never stay in one strip club. Exotic ancers, You should always be changing your strip clubs more often than you change stripper shoes or even stripper outfits. It always comes, that time that the money slows down if not completely stops!

If this is been your situation, then you should be calling SoFloClubs like yesterday. Being an exotic dancer is like any performer and you want to take your shows to as many states and strip clubs as possible. Moving and changing strip clubs is always been a way for exotic dancers to travel and make fast money.

If You would like to create a Exotic dancer traveling tour and need help for when you are coming to Florida contact Chelsea here at .

Thank You


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