The number one thing you can do to avoid problems at your work place is to know the laws of your state and the rules of the house you work at. If you have questions, don’t put off getting the answers and if you can’t talk to a manager, write them down. You can ask the girls, but you run the risk of misinformation. Many times clubs try to impose new rules to make the club run better so its always best to get your questions answered by who ever is in charge.

Recognize that each club is a little different. Just because how you work makes sense to you doesn’t mean that it works for the house. Once you accept to work there, you are expected to abide by the same rules as everyone else.
If you forget a rule and management approaches you about it, never be confrontational. You can comply to avoid making it worse, then think over the situation and then go back to talk to the manager if you have a real issue.

Never complain to the girls! This creates drama and labels you a whiner. And besides, they really don’t care. If you find yourself doing this and notice the girls not looking at you, just simply stop talking. The dressing room is your ’safe’ place but that doesn’t mean you can dump all your emotion back there. I’m not saying you shouldn’t talk to the girls, just try to keep your bitching to a minimum. And if someone gets started, don’t jump in thinking the water is safe. You’ll be associated with the other girl and looked at as part of the problem. You may be looking for validation in your complaints or acceptance but it always backfires.

Never complain about the DJ, bouncers, or management. Anywhere or anytime other than at home. Once I worked at another club, didn’t care for the general manager, went back to my ‘home’ club and mentioned it to some other girls who had worked there in the past mistakenly thinking they shared my opinions. A few weeks later, I was confronted by the afore mentioned manager and had to admit to my big mouth. How embarrassing! The lesson? You just never know when your mouth and opinion are going to come back and bite you in the ass.

Maturity is knowing when to keep your mouth shut.