This is how to be a exotic dancer in a nutshell. There are different types of clubs, some you just dance on stage others you give lap-dances. There are clubs with no contact at all!


  1. Find out if this is really what you want to do. You can expect to make up to $500 during a day shift or up to $1000 on night shift. Even the worst dancer can make $50 a day. A disadvantage is that the job is based a lot on looks but you don’t have to look like a supermodel if you have great skills. Also, this job involves strangers touching you and watching you with nothing on. Take your time in thinking about your decision. Ask yourself what consequences could there be for yourself and others? Such as family members dealing with your profession. If you’ve got a ’significant other’ make sure to include them in the decision process. Don’t fool yourself. There is no such thing as ‘I’ll just do it to make some quick cash and then stop’.
  2. Make sure your body is toned – you do not have to be perfect but toned.
  3. Find clubs you’re interested in working in. Make sure you know what kind of club you’re going to be auditioning for; go there as a customer. Find out the rules for your county, each club usually lets some rules slip. Ask about tip outs and make sure you’re okay forking over up to 50% of your hard earned cash.
  4. Assemble an audition outfit. Heels should be at least 3″, preferably 5″. Wear a thong, the skimpier the better, just make sure you’re all in there. Top it off with some sort of lingerie or a real dance costume. Just make sure whatever it is, it’s easy to get off over heels. You can find stripper-wear in catalogs or at porn stores. When you scope out the club, the other dancers will tell you where you get the stuff you need. There is a plethora of gowns, dresses, and club wear on the internet. Go to ‘‘ for examples.
  5. Practice what you’re going to do on stage in your new shoes. Break in your shoes in the process too. Having a mirror or a video recorder will help you see what you look like. Don’t do any pole tricks! You can’t really practice them and most likely what you try to do will not be sexy. You will learn them in time. Practice dancing to 3 songs: 1 fast, 2 medium, 3 slow but none of them boring. And think about your dancer name too. See ‘‘ The best way to learn how to poledance is to watch videos on youtube. Then copy the easier moves. In my opinion, the best way to learn how to pole dance is to take a class at your local gym. The second best way, is after you’ve worked there a few months, to ask a girl who knows how to teach you. 95% of the time, they will.
  6. Develop your persona. What that means is that you work out who you are, what you do and how you act. Ultimatly you are an actress. When you are there, you are the confident stripper Sarah or Angela, etc. It’s not you, it’s a job. To some degree I agree with this. Don’t make the mistake of telling a customer too much information about yourself. Most of them don’t want to hear about your 3 kids from different dudes and how hard your life is. Keep your conversation exciting and somewhat sexy.
  7. Bring your outfit in a bag (or suitcase that can be secured with a small padlock) and go to the club and say you want to dance. Make sure you have some ID saying you’re 18, or whatever the permitted age in your county/country is. If an owner wants you to audition anywhere but on the stage, get out of there because that means he wants a girl that will do “extras”. In some areas you may need to get a license – find out from the club if it is necessary. Bring a friend to the audition with you to prevent any funny business from the management.


  • The most important part of this is not your moves (for sure, these help) but it’s your ability to “sell” yourself. Saying “Hi I’m ___ wanna lap-dance?” will not cut it. How about trying “Hi! How was your day? Oh mine was peachy!” “So how was work? Oh sorry to hear you got fired from the cheese factory.” ::rub leg:: I’m sure you get the idea, you’re there to entertain. Treat them like they’re the cutest, smartest, most interesting person you’ve ever met. But if they don’t give you money, in say 4 songs worth, then walk away. You’re here to make money and time is precious. Honestly, just saying hello, and asking what is your name? where are you from? may I ask what do you do for work? etc. is the best way to begin building report (to relate, as what has been learned by observation or investigation). After 15-20 minutes of chit-chat, you can ask for a dance.
  • Don’t try pole tricks instantly other than basic spins
  • Do not talk to the other dancers when you’re auditioning, no matter how nervous you are
  • Do not give compliments to everyone there.
  • Make sure your hair and makeup is done before you audition.
  • Make sure you are properly shaved/waxed in all areas and keep it that way everyday you go to work.
  • To prevent irritation after shaving your pubic area, pat dry and apply antiperspirant.
  • When counting your money the first night – or any night – don’t brag or show your money. Always keep your money on you at work – and don’t bring any TO work.
  • Have a garter to keep your money in. You can wear it anywhere on your leg, and customers can put money wherever, but after your set, fold your money in half over the garter and use a rubber band to keep it there. And keep singles on the outside (or 5s if you’re lucky enough not to have any singles). I prefer an elegant purse. Something small that you could take to the opera. Guard it with your life!
  • Move slowly on stage your first times until you feel your groove.
  • Don’t wear glitter or very heavy perfume. This rubs off on the customer and makes it harder for him to be discreet about where he’s just been. You may not get as many dances for this reason, so no glitter and apply perfume lightly or use a body mist.
  • Try to find something, anything, attractive about each customer and focus on it. That way you don’t have to become a total bullshit artist.Find something to complement them on. I.e., great hair, how they smell, nice hands, etc.
  • Clubs may have general rules, like “boobs by second song, bottoms off by third.” But unless you’re in a really sleazy club, this usually won’t be enforced. Work at your own level of comfort.
  • You’re most likely not getting paid by the club, so it’s the customers paying to get your clothes off. Keep in mind that you’re not trying to earn their tips, they’re trying to earn your body. Be a tease and work it slow. If you’re wearing a dress, start taking it off, and take it off more as they tip. Its a good idea to knock down the dollars as you perform for them to encourage more tips.
  • Earn respect from your coworkers and your customers. Don’t dress too trashy (stick with sexy, or if you must go trashy, make it seem exotic) and don’t take stuff off too quickly. If customers see you’ll do just anything for a dollar, you can give a face full of vag and realize you made less than $10 on that set. This also helps you keep your self respect.
  • Know your customers. Who is there because they’re horny and who’s there for giggles (with female customers, that may be your limit.)
    • If it’s just the guys having fun, they will tip more frequently but with all singles, but won’t wanna pay extra for a private dance. Just try to have fun here and get as much of their money as you can on stage (you may have to keep gesturing to part of clothing they can stick money in).
    • But if they’re there for a birthday or a bachelor party, play off the others to get them to treat the birthday boy to a lap dance.
    • Focus eye contact and flirty looks on the horny ones. They’re more likely to pay for a private dance if you make them feel special.