How To Become A Stripper Part 2

Author: sofloclubs|1 / Date: Wed, 08/12/2015 - 12:13 / Tags: Stripper, How to

How to Become a Stripper


  • Don’t give your phone number or real name to customers, or other dancers. They could give away your phone number to clients. It just isn’t safe. Be your persona and *if* you must, have a cell phone that you ONLY use for stripping.
  • If you accept a customer’s offer to do a private show in their home, ask if you can bring a friend over, just in case. I don’t believe in this ’service’. It’s never worth the risk.
  • Make sure to follow the laws for dancing.
  • When first starting on the pole, don’t put your heels on. I disagree with this statement completely! The plastic sticks to the pole making it easier to climb and hold on. I will, however, caution that if you are wearing slip-on shoes this could be dangerous. Wear shoes with buckles or boots to do pole tricks.
  • Always clean the pole with alcohol before you start your set – you don’t know where your coworkers have been. You can ask for a towel and disinfectant spray (usually in a bottle) if one isn’t provided.
  • Don’t get drunk at work. Sure, it will help loosen you up but if something goes wrong in the back room or on stage you won’t be able to defend or protect yourself. Make sure you only drink an amount that you can handle, or better yet don’t drink anything at all… you are there for a job, not to party. If someone offers to buy you a drink order soda or water. Even one drink can be dangerous.
  • Never do “extras” (acts for the customer not allowed by your club rules). You can make money without them and you never know who is an undercover cop, if the manager is watching, etc. If you can’t make money by working clean, find a better club.
  • Never use baby oil on your body and don’t put on lotion before you go to work. It will make you slip and fall on stage, as well as making those that follow you do the same. You could get seriously injured. So no baby oil and moisturize the night before or a good many hours before working.
  • Hand sanitizer and baby wipes are your friend. After you get off stage or out of the bathroom, and ESPECIALLY after private dances, use this allover. It also makes you taste bad, so if a customer tries something stupid, like licking you, before you can push them off, they’ll be less likely to do it again. And use baby wipes instead of toilet paper (which has lint, which may be a problem)
  • For some stupid reason beyond any logic, some club designers think it’s an amazing idea to have black lights. This brings out a lot, like tan lines, plaque, cum stains, and lint (hence the baby wipes). Make sure you stay clean if this is the case (though you should anyway).


  • 4″ or more heels
  • 3 outfits at least
  • Babywipes
  • Mints
  • Hairspray/gel
  • Somewhere to keep money
  • Self-confidence
  • Fake persona
  • Mixed music CD
  • Garter
  • Rubber band