Dear Ladies, There really isn’t a good way to address this subject so I’ll just blurt it out. Here goes… *deep breath* Stop drinking at work. Really.

If you think you need alcohol to ‘get you in the mood’ or ‘enhance your effectiveness’, I’ve got news for you. You’ll turn into a alcoholic long before you get rich. Besides the empty calories, 5 drinks = 500 to 1500 cal., it is really not attractive to be a blundering idiot while trying to take your clothes off. No, your not sexy and it doesn’t help your money. All it does is make you vulnerable. Alcohol and/or drugs do not aide you in any way. If you cant strip while sober you should re-evaluate why your there and make some internal changes.

Be strong and stand up for yourself when customers strongly ‘encourage’ you to drink with them. If you are any good at what you do, you can ‘party’ with them and enhance their experience without putting yourself at risk. And if they absolutely insist, order a mixed drink and a bottled water. If that is still not acceptable, then leave the table. It is obvious that the motive of the customer is not in your best interest and you should walk away. There is always more money to be made else where.

Everyone knows that when intoxicated the first thing to be affected is your judgment. Staying sober gives you more control over the situation. Most customers want to just sit back and be entertained. Being in control also keeps you focused on the fact you are at work. How much money you go home with is all up to you. Stay sharp and your income with increase and become more stable.

Don’t forget the Strip Tease.

There has been a growing epidemic where I work. The girls have forgotten about the art of seduction. My club has a ‘gown’ policy for the main stage. The gowns come off within literally 5 seconds. And the attitude is they hate wearing the gowns and wear them only to appease the club management. It is unfortunate to see such money making potential ignored.

Ladies, take your time and be seductive. Sure there are times to have high energy but with practice you can achieve both objectives. There is nothing wrong with dancing around with your dress on. It builds suspense and curiosity. Flirty smiles and winks show you are not afraid to remove your clothing and your tempting style is deliberate.

On the other side of the extreme: there are also girls who move so slow you’d think they were dancing in mud. Whether you intend it or not, this dance ’style’ portrays aloofness, lack of enthusiasm and interest in the patrons. This too will hinder your money.

How you should move is determined by the majority age of your audience. The older the patrons the slower the pace.

Whether you’ve been in the industry or not, I don’t have to tell you that most men are dorks at heart. Include some silliness into your dance repertoire. Smiling, cheesy grins and/or moves, or cracking a stupid joke or pun can improve your tips substantially. It shows that you are human, have personality, are having fun and want to be there.

Knowing when to be seductively sophisticated or playfully sexy is only mastered through experience. If serious isn’t working for you or the customer, try to being cute and bat your eyelashes. Show them that you can be whatever fantasy they desire.