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sofloclubs|1March 242016

OK so this is the very last time I'm going to say this.

OK so this is the very last time I'm going to say this ! As a I feel like we just go round in circles, picking at each other about how we choose to execute the exotic pole dance!

I LOVE ALL aspects of Pole ! I don't care if its sports, art, stripper, fitness, I don't care !!! I love the industry which I have grown up in, I love that pole can make the shyest person super confident, I love that we have evolved from strippers, from Chinese pole from some Malakai pole thing, I LOVE that you can put your own twist to it, wear heels, wear trainers, don't wear anything at all. I LOVE that Pole allows people to express themselves and do what THEY love doing to move and dance and laugh and make friends, be empowered and gain a body some never thought they could achieve. So for those who continue to ask which camp I support. I support none of them and all of them... I support equality and self belief ! I teach fitness and sexy, I love bare feet and heels, I love fitness and dance......... that is it... to grow an industry we must accept who we are inside and accept all forms before we can move on as one... Just imagine if we all agreed and all worked together how incredibly powerful and amazing our industry would be !!!!! !