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sofloclubs|1May 022016

Why SoFloClubs JOBS offer $150.00 for every referral?

Word-of-mouth marketing is the oldest, most trusted, still the most valuable form of marketing.  A form of promotion in which satisfied customers ‘spread the word’ about their experiences of brands, products, or services with their connections.

Connecting our SoFloClubs JOBS brand with Your influencers (and the general public) who are interested in the niche is what is needed. We can significantly leverage our brand awareness and brand reputation, consequently leading to increasing long-term clients. 

Having happy exotic dancers tell their friends and associates, who then go on to tell theirs is the most trusted way to build sustainable brand reputation in this Adult marketplace. So we encourage you to keep spreading the word everyday letting other exotic dancers know that :

  1. airfares
  2. airport pick up
  3. accomodations
  4. transportation
  5. audition & secured dancer jobs
  6. meals and everything you can possibly need for only $50.00 daily.

With access to tens of thousands of future SoFloClubs JOBS representatives online, We all can start conversations about SoFloClubs services (both online and offline), SoFloClubs JOBs is offering $150.00 usd every (2) two weeks in the hands of those who are ready and willing to promote and help Us develop our online swag.

Targeting based on the exotic dancer needs, placing our brand in the hands of highly engaged social media users (exotic dancers / strippers).  on your social media, share our images, and/or share your stories and experiences; create a viral promotional process () by letting those know SoFloClubs JOBS is here for the of the world.  

Alternatively if you would like to participate in word of mouth marketing by becoming a , you can do so by