Avoid paying with a credit card at Strip clubs.

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Men paid upward of $2.4 million for exotic dances and drinks they never received at Clubs, prosecutors alleged Thursday in an indictment against five women.

 are the result of a long-running investigation into exotic dancers "strippers", cocktail waitresses and managers at the strip clubs.

Chief Deputy District Attorney Marc DiGiacomo said authorities had received more than 400 fraud complaints from January 2013 and June 2014. The indictment highlights activity for the first six months of 2014.

Waitresses Amy Rohr, Diana Giraldo and Chris Giraldo, and exotic dancers "strippers" Celeste Mohar and Cyndi Sellers each face multiple counts of credit card fraud, and one count each of conspiracy to use credit card or debit card without consent in strip clubs.

In June 2014, Las Vegas police and Internal Revenue Service agents raided the strip club, operating for two decades on Paradise Road, looking for evidence of overcharging clients / customers.

The practice has been, As accused: “taking the customers’ credit cards and just basically running them until they get maxed out,” DiGiacomo said.

About 100 victims of the 407 who reported credit card fraud have agreed to cooperate in the prosecution, he added.

The victims were charged for exotic dances "lap dances" that never happened, liquor they never purchased and Funny money “dance dollars” (A kind of currency used ONLY in strip clubs for tips) they never handed out, the prosecutor said. The women rang up charges on one man for $80,000 worth of tip coupons in one night.

A club manager, John Carcilli, and two exotic dancers, Giovanna Chico and Bibi Rambharan, pleaded guilty to fraud charges last month, according to online court records. Their deals with prosecutors were sealed.

In late 2014,  — Carcilli, Ryan Carlson and Ricardo Tabares — along with three exotic dancers "strippers" — Chico, Rambharan and Sellers — in connection with the scheme.

The strip club was sold in 2014 and has reopened under new ownership.

Dominic Gentile, who represents the former owners in the civil suit, said they have cooperated with prosecutors and provided information uncovered while investigating the civil claims. That case is set for trial in September.

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