How to be an Exotic dancer

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HELP, I’m A Exotic Dancer!


I get a bunch of questions from soon to be exotic dancers. I now offer individual consultations to answer any specific questions you may have about dancing. Read this list to help you get started. 

First thing you really need to understand is that erotic stripping is different in every city in the US. Dancing in San Diego Strip clubs is nothing in Dallas Strip clubs or Vegas Strip clubs. And dancing in Vegas Strip clubs is nothing like dancing in Scottsdale Strip clubs or Denver Strip clubs. The laws, the set up, the management, the culture surrounding strip clubs are different EVERYWHERE. Which means that exotic dancers can do better or worse in certain cities or strip clubs. Despite that, there are somethings that hold true for every exotic dancer. 

1. Get into the habit of not being drunk or under the influence at work.

2. Keep track of how much money you make, how much you spend on house fees, tip outs and outfits, how many shifts you work. Learn how to SAVE and BUDGET money.

2a. Buy outfits that suit your style and what suits the club. And don’t spend all your money on outfits!

2b. Decide what kind of shoes you want for work.

3. Learn how to be sexy on stage – NO POLE TRICKS NECESSARY (unless you’re at a strip club where a significant amount of your earnings come from stage). Learn how to make eye contact and smile, people like to connect with happy strippers. 

3a. If you’ve never performed or taken a exotic dance class before it maybe a good idea to take classes but totally not necessary. 

4. Develop personal boundaries – your dating and home life will change whether or not you decide to tell loved ones that you dance exoticly in a strip club. Develop professional boundaries too – figuring out if you want to see customers outside the strip clubs, or give them your number. Decide if you want to be friends with other exotic dancers, staff or management.

5. Learn what sort of self care you need to do for yourself now that your a erotic stripper. 

6. Learn how to talk to customers – aka your hustle. Figure out how people see you and exploit it.

6a. Stripping is a sales job, so learn how to sell. Check out sales programs for erotic strippers: Strip Clubs and Grow Rich & Check out The Sugar Baby Reading List online.

7. Learning how to do your make up and hair. Even if it’s simple, just learn how to do it correctly.

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