Good day ladies..

November is a month that reminds us that the year is about to be over and a new year is soon to start. We have learn that this time of year is when we begin to prepare for the next.. Letting go all that didn't work out in the previous year and to try new things that can better our person. We strive all year to make our goals reality, this is the time to explode and become more than we were the years before!

This month we keep gaining grounds on the adult industry "Strip Clubs" today we can say that Florida clubs are realizing that dancers are just more than naked meat. We have strive to be able to say that Florida Strip Clubs starting to Pay dancers for them to come to their Strip Clubs as an employee..

After few interview I began to see that Managers even Owners were willing to Pay dancers for showing up to strip clubs in special events or targeted times during the day.. Many strip clubs have odd ways of hiring but through an Agency has not been one of them.

Many Managers & Owners see the need to pay someone if not the dancer directly.. So to offer a strip club dancers for a fee was not to far fetched just the way it is approached. So final is that many strip clubs will pay a dancers to come perform so an Agency was not a real bad idea after all.

Caribbean club has been cancelled --- Too many issues.

Site Updates:

Not much was done this month.

Special thanks to those that have provided other dancers, those that keep in touch, and to those that help build our small community thank You all Chelsea