Our True business

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Exotic dancer JOBS

What does Chelsea JOBS do?

Well for starters SoFloClubs JOBS caters to the traveling exotic dancers of the world. Those exotic dancer that love to move around from country to nations, this is Our niche!

SoFloClubs has access to many South Florida strip clubs, 3 Caribbean clubs, 1 Puerto Rico strip club, 1 club in Guam, 1 club in Spain & We continue to grow soon Texas, Boston, and Atlanta. Chelsea learn that there was more than a need for exotic dancers! She understood that hotels & taxi services was regulating what or how the traveling exotic dancers were able to accomplish their goals.

With SoFloClubs the exotic dancer can have one place to go to for all their travel needs 24/7. Chelsea / SoFloClubs JOBS provide: Airfare/Tickets, Accommodation, Transportation, Airport pickups, Auditions until You get a JOB even Breakfast for $50.00 daily minimum of 2 week contract..

Chelsea teaches You how to be a successful stripper and much more. Heck you can't even find a hotel room for that much. 

SoFloClubs JOBS is all a traveling erotic dancer can need. Real Estate is our prime business, making sure you have fun & enjoy yourself is WHAT we do!