Here are the rules of the Strip Club hustle. Ladies take notes.

1. Never talk to same person who turned you down. If someone says no but would like a dance later try them again (at least 30 min-hour or however long he tells you to come back) but only once. If he says no again, he is most likely just wasting your time. Move on.

2. Always have at least 2 bandanas in case you lose one of them

3. Do not chew gum in stage. It's supposed to be a fantasy and chewing gum is not always sexy. Bubblegum on the other hand might be another story.

4. Don't stay with someone more than 2 songs unless they are paying for drinks and/or club is dead

5. Only work at clubs where the money is but feel free to travel around. Don't feel inclined to work at a club because of its name or reputation. Some slower clubs might be good too as there is less competition. Again, just travel around and follow the money.

6. Do not use phone on floor. It looks unprofessional and again takes away from the fantasy experience

7. Stay in shape: exercise and eat healthy. Pace yourself when taking drinks at the club

8. Read your customers' body language and respond accordingly

9. Don't talk to guys who never spend. Scan and observe the room from time to time

10. Wear different costumes and outfits every day so you stand out from the other girls. Have a spare outfit on hand to change into later in the night.

11. Remind them of rules before starting like where they can touch and so on

12. Only use alcohol wipes or Lysol wipes for wiping down the pole on stage. It's the best for cleaning and getting a good grip if you are trying to do pole tricks

13. Ignore other girls jealousy and just keep working. There will always be at least one jealous hater who tries to slow you down. Stay strong but never react aggressively.

14. On the floor, keep hustling and talk to every single guy. Keep making rounds and don't slack off. You can rest when you are done.

15. Be nice to other girls but not friendly.. There's a difference

16. Save and invest every single penny. Super important but sadly this rule doesn't always resonate with some girls

17. Don't waste time in the dressing room. You never know who is out there on the floor

18. Same as rule , you need to read the guys body language but if you only ask "wanna dance" the guy is more inclined to say no. At least stay for a song or two and chat with him for a bit

19. Do not ever take it personal if a guy turns you down, you can't be every ones cup of tea. For every one "no" you get, you will receive 5 yeses. But as humans we have a negativity bias so the no impacts us more than the yes.

20. Don't ever sit with a guy when you see a bandana on the chair beside him. It means he is waiting for another girl.

21. Do NOT do drugs. Just say no. This is one of the most obvious rules but sadly many girls fall into this trap. If you stay away from drugs, you can save your money a lot easily.

22. Do not be rude to a guy if he says no. He could be just settling in, waiting for another girl, or simply just didn't bring money for dances. say "alright have a nice day" and move on to the next guy. He is more likely to think well of you if you were nice than if you stared cussing him out and acting mean. And who knows he might even take you later or the next time he comes in.

23. Don't overwork yourself. You can't make money if you are burnt out. Pace yourself so you can work more efficiently.

24. Pay attention to your regulars but do not depend on them. Even if you have a regular that spends big money, you should still be hustling on the floor. Regulars come and go all the time so you can't ever get too comfortable.

25. Last but not least SMILE, have fun and stay positive. :)