Wow, what a crazy year... So crazy that winter is not even flowed down to Florida yet!

Well it's that time of the year again.. South Florida Strip Clubs become in need of more dancers due to the overflow of winter guests! Every year many people flock to sunny sunshine state for warmth, meaning to also the clubs get packed and they need more dancers to makeup for the rush. Clubs are always searching for newer talent they pick and choose whom they will hire at the same time many dancers know this and it becomes harder each year to get into the strip club that you desired.

We at SoFloClubs JOBS ensure your job placement before hand, our service guarantees your exotic dancer job we also accommodate and transport you all at one fee of $50.oo per day.

Don't forget that winter prices for rooms go up drastically some time you can't even find any availability no where close making it even more of an expense to travel to and from work..

At SoFloClubs we can only accommodate so many dancers at a single time so make sure you plan ahead and don't let your spot be taken because you didn't send that email or contact me yet..

PS. Our phone number (786) 766-0322 Chelsea, If you have a profile simply reset your password by providing your email. Many thanks to Jackie, Abigail, Tamara, & Kathy for your involvements & Referrals.