Bambi. Coco. Mercedes. Beth.

So… what does your name say about you? What do you want your name to convey? What’s with the questions? It’s just a frikin’ name right?

When choosing a name one must not forget that it is one of the first things you will say to a customer. It can be a great marketing tool if you keep a few things in mind.

I actually stumbled on this principle by accident. When I first began dancing, I chose the name Jasmine because it is a flower that smells nice; it sounds exotic and is familiar to most cultures. However, as it so often happens, I moved to a new club. There was a Jasmine already working there and a girl dancing by my real name so both options were out.

Now came the dilemma. Do I choose another popular name or do I go with something more obscure? I decided the latter because I had regulars who followed me over to this new club and if I needed to move again, I wanted them to be able to find me.

Years prior, I had read the book Perelandra. I had considered it for a name but shied away from it. It was original but… This time I reconsidered it and went with it. As I used it, I became more comfortable and began to see a pattern emerge. Because the name is so unusual, people would ask me what it means, where it is from and what the book is about. From simply introducing myself, I found I was quickly engaged in intriguing conversation all the while building important rapport. Once the familiarity was established it became very easy to ask for table dances and get them.

I can hear some of you say “I can’t change my name now, I’ve been dancing for too long and customers already know me.” Sometimes it a good thing to re-invent your persona, especially if the current one isn’t generating much income. Only you can decide whether it would be worth it or not. You can also access a change in look to accompany your new name. If your current look isn’t attracting the type of men you are looking for, this is a great place to start.

Now, how to choose the best stripper name. Some names convey intelligence while others do not. Stay away from the most popular names like Porche, Angel, Diamond, etc. Those names show that you lack imagination.
You’ve basically got two options at this point:

A. Go with a ‘normal’ sounding name. i.e., Jenny, Amber, Mariah, Mary, Hope.

B. Something more exotic. i.e., Lailoni, Kimora, Avalon, Naiya. See ‘

If you choose option A, then you need to pick a name that fits you. Most customers will ask you if that is your real name. If you choose to say yes, it needs to be believable.

If you go with option B, then the more obscure the better. When they ask you if it’s your real name or not, say, ‘Of course not. We all have stage names here.’ And then go on to tell them about your name. You’ll want to do some research about the name you choose as some customers will try to flip you shit for it. As you tell them what it means, you show that you are smart and sassy. Both of which are sexy.

Also think about the possible ways that customers will joke about your name and what smart-ass retort you can come back with. For example: A recent customer told me about how he was sitting at the rack and a girl named Tanzanite was dancing. To challenge her, he asked ‘Where is Tanzanite on the periodic table?’ She gave him a blank stare and turned around to dance for someone else. Now, if she had been smarter about it, she could have done some research about Tanzanite. She could say,’ Tanzanite is what is called a Zoisite. Zoisite is a calcium aluminum hydroxy sorosilicate belonging to the epidote group of minerals.’ She doesn’t have to actually know what that means because most men wouldn’t know what it meant either. The goal is to come across as savvy.

Hope this helps!