How To Avoid Drama With The Strip Club Disc Jockey

Author: sofloclubs|1 / Date: Wed, 08/12/2015 - 12:16 / Tags: Stripper, How to

Regarding the DJ – If you’re going to request music, it is extremely important to remember to tip accordingly. Every club is different so the appropriate amount will vary. Usually there is a ‘minimum’ tip out amount that is due the end of the shift. It’s a good idea to ask management and then a few girls how much to tip extra. This is the second most important relationship you’ll have in the club so make sure you take care of them. From time to time, you’ll need them to skip you on the rotation so you can do more dances, use the restroom, or give you more time to get ready for your shift. In these examples make sure you tip some extra.

Being on time for your stage set is a great way to keep everyone happy. You may be in the middle of conversation but wrap it up fast so you can make your obligation. As an additional benefit, it also keeps the customer hanging and usually wanting more of your attention which (if done right) will translate into your time becoming more valuable.

Never give the DJ dirty looks from stage because he’s playing something you don’t like. The customers and management can see you or even worse – the owner of the club. This behavior shows immaturity and lack of professionalism. Once you are off stage you can discuss the music choice with the DJ. But be sure not to go up to him like a bat out of hell and all pissed off. Just politely ask him not to play that type of music or song again. DJ’s are usually cool people, so if you’re having a bad day or shift and snap at them or give them attitude, be sure to apologize. You’ll do yourself good by babying this relationship.

As a general rule don’t talk about the music to the customers while on stage. They really don’t care what song is playing and if your good at what you do, they probably wont even hear the music. *wink wink* What really matters is that you remain sexy and inviting no matter what the song. The urge to discuss the poor music choice comes from needing to make some excuse or reason for validation as to why you aren’t able to ‘get in the mood’. Remaining focused on what you are doing is the only way to get through. Don’t let the music ruin a perfectly good opportunity to make money. It’s only a small part in the over all show. It only becomes a big deal if you make it out to be.